Tjetland Water System

Tjetland Water System serves the community just west of Granite Falls. The system is fed by one well to the 8 homes which make up the system. This is designated a group "B" system by the Department of Health due to it's smaller size and limited expansion capacity.

The water has met all applicable state standards for drinking water in 2018. The operators are on site to test the water on a regular basis and all the homes are metered.

Billing Schedule:
We bill every other month based on actual usage for each home. You can expect to see an operator reading your meter around the 1st of the billing month. Please make sure your meter is cleared of debris so the operator can access the lid.

The billing schedule is as follows:

If you have not recieved your bill by the 7th of the month please contact the office at 360-466-4443 X 206 or 360-306-3692.


Service Area Map (pdf)