Skagit River Colony Water System

Skagit River Colony is located on the south side of the Skagit River east of the Town of Concrete. This idyllic setting is home to one full time and several part time residents and is primarily used as a getaway vacation spot. 

There are water connections available for expansion within the system if you are thinking of purchasing land within the service area or dividing your existing property!

What's New
You may have noticed that you did not recieve a bill in March 2019. Skagit River Colony customers have typically paid two months in advance so the bill you recieved at the beginning of the year covered the time period of January and February 2019. The next bill you recieve will come at the end of April 2019 and cover the period of March and April 2019.

We are working towards having meters installed on the system and in time will be billing based on usage. The billing will continue to cover two months, however it will be two months of water already recieved. Once the metering project is completed you will be paying for what you actually use based on our Tariff rates. If you have any questions please call the office at 360-306-3692.


Service Area Map (pdf)
Application For New Service (pdf)