Lake Alyson

Lake Alyson Water System is located in the beautiful Granite Falls area of Snohomish County. This system supports 136 customers and is serviced by two wells, a 40,000 gallon reservoir, three booster pumps and over 10,000 lineal feet of service piping. The water system and the Lake Alyson development was built in 1976 and was purchased by Northwest Water Services in 2015. There are connections available in this system if you are interested in purchasing property or dividing an existing property.

What's New

Summer is fast approaching which means the grass is starting to grow again. Keep an eye out for leaks which may have developed over the winter. These can be identified by unusually wet areas on the ground where you maybe have not seen it before.

Billing Schedule:
We bill every other month based on actual usage for each home. You can expect to see an operator reading your meter around the 1st of the billing month. Please make sure your meter is cleared of debris so the operator can access the lid.

The billing schedule is as follows:

If you have not recieved your bill by the 7th of the month please contact the office at 360-466-4443 X 206 or 360-306-3692.


CCR (pdf)
Service Area Map (pdf)
WUE Report (pdf)
Application For New Service (pdf)